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A wise person once said that another word for Leadership was "service". This is very much our view point. There certainly seems to be an abundance of leadership quotes and a distinct shortage of leaders. A favourite quote of ours is "A leader stands out by the nature of their commitment and the integrity of their character."

So how about you... do you see many leaders around and about you? Or what about the mirror version - does the leader smile back at you from there? Consider the following as levels in Leadership awareness... and find out where you live...


Level 1
Position: people follow because they have to…Control

Level 2
Permission: people follow because they want to… Love

Level 3
Production: people follow because of what you have done for the company… Results

Level 4
People development: people follow because of what you have done for them… Rewards

Level 5
Personhood: people follow because of who you are and what you represent… Integrity

Many of the courses are led by experienced NLP Practitioner and Yoga Tutor Eileen Auld. You are guaranteed a unique, most enjoyable approach to Leadership and an unforgettable experience that will make a real difference to your life.

Eileen is a gifted teacher with a passion for sharing her knowledge and helping others. She also works with other leaders in their field to deliver the most outstanding courses.

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