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All of us know that we are what we eat. That doesn't mean that if we eat big Macs we will turn into a big Mac! Of course not — that would be a nonsense. However it does mean that the more nutritionally poor food we eat, the more nutritionally deprived our bodies become.

Food was once the complete source of most of our nutritional needs, with sunshine and water giving us other much-needed energy supplies. Now with uncertainty about crop sources and a product's shelf life we are unsure about the level of nutrition we are getting from our food. Unless we go back to growing our food in our own gardens and allotments we will have to find another way to source energy giving nutrition.

One way is with the amazing miracle plant that is Aloe Vera. It belongs to the onion and lily family which in turn have a history of cleansing. However it is the cocktail of vitamins and minerals within Aloe Barbadensis Miller that gives it that special quality of wound healing, energy boosting, immune system balancer, life enhancing, all round good guy!

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